Ergo-Smart Office Chairs

Cross Performance Design

Accommodates a wide range of activities and postures which they can adjust to while working

Health Positive Design

Technology & distinctive style which is committed to enabling you to energize your ideas and bring them to life.

Inclusive Design

Designed to provide the same comfort to the largest range of different body type consumers using this chair.

Ergonomic Back Rest

2 layer support to provide placement throughout your spine and ensures the body weight is distributed equally.

Comfortable Neck Rest

Extra support is provided at the tip of the chair to ensure you can place your neck comfortably to protect it from any strain.

Adaptive Memory foam

Uses the body heat and pressure to conform to your shape. Providing relief in areas of the body we put the most pressure.

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New Arrivals

Great style direct from the makers. Enduring design and fine workmanship are inextricable. With Kepler Brooks, you have a variety of Premium Chairs with the best Customer Experience at your reach, so you can be sure you’re delighted with your purchase.

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